RWK Services provides the COVID-19 disinfection services required to ensure your tenants can safely and confidently return to work. Many of our customers have enhanced their levels of disinfection during this time and we have risen to the occasion, successfully disinfecting millions of square feet each day.

We currently offer 3 COVID-19 Disinfection plans:

Nightly Disinfection Services

A proactive cleaning plan includes detailed nightly disinfection of both hard and soft surfaces in conjunction with high touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, countertops and desks. RWK disinfectants are EPA registered and meet CDC guidelines for Novel Viruses and COVID-19. Keeping our customers and employees safe is our top priority.

Responsive Disinfection Services

We offer responsive disinfection services in the event of a confirmed case in your facility. RWK cleans and disinfects all areas, including bathrooms, common areas and shared equipment. Our technicians first use soap and water, followed by EPA registered disinfectants proven to kill the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Once applied, our team adheres to the proper recommended dwell time to ensuring complete sanitization. RWK takes extra precautions, wearing gloves, masks, shields, and gowns where necessary.


RWK offers fogging services for ultimate disinfection. Our expertly trained technicians use a ULV fogger to mist disinfection to all surfaces evenly. The mist covers all surfaces, crevices and other hard to reach places. These chemicals are non-toxic and safe for your office inhabitants.

Your space will be available to you the very next day. Our customizable COVID-19 Disinfection plans allow you to feel confident that your staff is returning to a safe and clean office.

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