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Certified Green Janitorial Service Provider

Certified Green Janitorial

Connect with a Certified Green Janitorial Service Provider who sees your building with a critical eye, one that knows how to take your property from good to outstanding. Your building will benefit from our high-performance janitorial services, and other value-added services like carpet maintenance, restorative cleaning, remediation, and more. We also provide Essential Disinfection™ and Responsive Disinfection™ Services.

We work with a wide range of building professionals, each with their own unique set of needs. Because no set of properties is exactly alike, we won’t come to you with a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re in property management, the financial sector or a medical facility, we listen to your needs and customize a plan to make your space shine.

CIMS Green Building Certification

RWK Services has been awarded CIMS Green Building Certification, with Honors. We practice recycling, sustainable work practices, and reduced use of allergens and chemicals. Our certified green janitorial services have undergone rigorous inspections. We strive for continuous improvement. Let us bring that power to your facility.

We believe in a triple bottom line, measuring success through economic, ecological and social standards. Above all, we take sustainability seriously and tailor our Certified Green Janitorial Services to meet your environmental needs.

Covid-19 Disinfection Services

RWK Services is your ally in safety. A comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning plan is a critical component of your building’s long-term reopening plan. We offer daily, nightly and responsive disinfection plans to suit your facility’s unique needs.  

RWK Services provides essential COVID-19 disinfection services to ensure your tenants can safely return to work. We disinfect hard and soft surfaces along with high touchpoint areas, always adhering to CDC guidelines.  

Give us a call at (440) 346-6791 for more information on how RWK Services can help you create a safer office environment for all.