Value Added Janitorial Services

RWK Services proudly offers the value-added janitorial services your building needs to be successful. View our wide array of value-added services using the tabs below. 

COVID-19 DisinfectionCertified Green CleaningCustomized Nightly Janitorial ServicesDay Porter ServicesMedical CleaningTerminal CleaningCarpet Maintenance & Restorative CleaningHard Surface & Floor CareRemediationConstruction CleanupWindow CleaningWarehouse Sweeping and Scrubbing

RWK Services provides the COVID-19 disinfection services you need to ensure your tenants can confidently return to work. A proactive cleaning plan includes detailed disinfection of hard and soft surfaces in conjunction with high touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, countertops and desks. RWK disinfectants are EPA registered and meet CDC guidelines for Novel Viruses. Keeping our customers and employees safe is our top priority.

COVID 19 Disinfection is one of our value added services.

Certified Green Cleaning is a great choice for our clients, employees and the environment. RWK Services applies progressive green cleaning procedures to reduce cost and waste while improving building appearance and indoor air quality. Our clients benefit from a clean environment without the risk of exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. We clean your facilities with Green Seal and EPA registered cleaning products.

Our nightly janitorial services include vacuuming, dusting, trash disposal, disinfection, restroom sanitization and more. We adapt our versatile systems of zone and team cleaning to suit your space, maximizing efficiency with unsurpassed quality. Our independent Quality Management Inspection Team double-checks each of our nightly cleaning service sites to maintain the highest industry standards. We aim to please. 

Many bustling office buildings simply cannot wait until after hours to clean. Our part or full-time Day Porters keep your building running smoothly by restocking bathroom supplies, emptying trash cans, mopping up fresh spills and monitoring breezeways. RWK’s Day Porters do everything they can to ensure your building’s safety and cleanliness. They are always on call to take care of any need that may arise. 

Day Porter Services is one of our value added services.

RWK Services understands the critical need for properly cleaned and disinfected medical surfaces and facilities. Our stringent cleaning practices promote a more inviting, cleaner and healthier environment for patients and healthcare professionals. Our technicians clean and disinfect everything from the waiting and exam rooms all the way up to operating rooms. We use only appropriately selected EPA Registered hospital-grade disinfectants to reduce the risk of any further infection in your facility.

RWK Services thoroughly cleans, disinfects and sanitizes all surfaces, equipment, fixtures and floors within the healthcare terminal to control the spread of infection. Terminal cleaning ensures the elimination of all pathogens from the environment for the safety of patients and medical professionals. Our comprehensive cleaning procedures greatly reduce the risk of patients contracting any Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) at our facilities.

 A quarterly floor maintenance program can extend the life of your carpet up to ten years. As a result, floor maintenance offers significant savings long term. Our IICRC trained technicians will have the carpet in your office building looking its best. Quarterly carpet maintenance improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), increases building appeal and creates a  healthier work environment for all. Our state-of-the-art carpet maintenance system features environmentally sound Green Compliant solutions that leave your carpets looking great without using harsh chemical irritants. 

Carpet cleaning is one of our value added services.


Granite, marble and terrazzo floors create a dramatic sense of professionalism when maintained properly. Our highly experienced floor technicians bring out their best appearance. We are highly experienced in maintaining floors of all kinds, from medical facilities to commercial and industrial spaces. Our practices preserve, shine and protect your floors from daily wear and tear. We take extra care to preserve your VCT, LVT or other specialty tiles. As a result, your investments are protected for years to come.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your flood clean-up emergency needs. Timely, IICRC-certified service prevents odors and mildew while ridding your property of damaging water. When it comes to protecting your facility from further flood damage there is no substitute for professionally trained Remediation Technicians and Structural Drying Specialists 

Our team will make sure your construction site is clean and ready for punch-list walk-through and customer move in. For spaces undergoing renovation during occupancy, our employees’ attention to detail will impress you. Our construction cleanup team will clean the space with as little disruption to workflow as possible.

We are an ANSI accredited window cleaning provider. Our technicians are trained to clean your windows safely and efficiently, producing sparkling results for your facility.

Our technicians use green compliant detail equipment to efficiently scrub your warehouse. RWK Services operators ensure your facility meets the rigorous inspection standards for new or prospective tenants.