Cleveland Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

Cleveland Office Cleaning & Janitorial Services

RWK Services is the right solution for your Cleveland office cleaning and janitorial services needs. Cleaning problems can be a constant headache for property managers if not addressed properly. We’ll help you preserve your property while improving the health of your tenants.

Consistent, proven service is what separates us from our competitors. We build long-lasting relationships based on a deep commitment to providing the absolute best in cleaning services. Our highly responsive organizational structure places a premium on accountability and efficiency to make sure all needs are addressed immediately- and then verified.

Our versatility allows us to make sure that we can tackle many of the problems facing commercial spaces. We get the job done right, right now! In addition to Cleveland office cleaning, we proudly offer many value added services including carpet and floor maintenance, flood remediation, construction cleanup, COVID-19 disinfection and more.

We practice recycling, sustainable work practices, and the reduced use of allergens and chemicals. We’ve undergone rigorous inspections of our practices and strive for continuous improvement. Let us bring that power to your facility.

RWK Services is a leading Cleveland office cleaning provider.

RWK Services is your ally in safety. A comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning plan is a critical component of your building’s long-term reopening plan. We offer daily, nightly and responsive disinfection plans to suit your facility’s unique needs.

RWK Services provides essential COVID-19 disinfection services to ensure your tenants can safely return to work. We disinfect hard and soft surfaces along with high touchpoint areas, always adhering to CDC guidelines.

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