The Benefits of Single Sourcing Services

Property and Assets Managers are busy. As Managers oversee ever growing portfolios, there are many benefits to, single sourcing your services, or one stop shopping. By working with companies who offer several quality services efficiencies result, including: (1) Reduced communication via phone and email; (2) Reduced vendor orientation an onboarding; (3) Enhanced security; (4) Reduced accounting costs; and (5) Streamlining of expectations. By working with service providers who furnish janitorial, flood and fire remediation, carpet and hard floor care and more, the manager who is stressed for time can achieve greater peace of mind.

For example, when flooding occurs in your building on a cold January morning in the middle of the night, is it more efficient to call a vendor who does not have keys or badge access to your property, or the janitorial company who already has both, and is also certified in flood and fire remediation? Obviously, it is easier to call upon the provider who already has access, has already been on boarded, whose staff has already been background checked and who already is familiar with your property.

Similarly, when your tenant is searching for floor care or carpet care services that are outside the scope of their lease, does it make sense to call in an outside vendor? Not if a vendor who is already serving your account, has access, familiarity and knowledge of your facility can perform the service. Your nightly service provider, if they have the proper training, can provide both carpet and floor care maintenance with much great efficiency, allowing you to dedicate your time to other tasks.

Single sourcing, or one stop shopping for services is best considered in advance, when selecting your core service providers. If single sourcing is not considered when selecting your core service providers, you will likely be disappointed with the result. Only a few core service providers offer additional high quality services. How do you find out? Well, consider carefully the organization you are selecting to work with, their years in the industry and whether or not they perform a comprehensive service solution that will deliver the efficiencies you are seeking. With planning, it is possible to have greater peace of mind when challenges occur at your properties.

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