Power in Vendor Specialization, Certification

This New Year, in the fast-changing world of commercial building services, consolidation and innovation will continue to change the delivery of services to property management. Vendors are increasing specialization within their service sectors to add value to their existing relationships. Taking advantage of these relationships and specializations can save property management time and improve their bottom line.

When a property manager has the ability to extract numerous specialized services from one reliable point of contact, there is tremendous efficiency gained, enabling the manager to focus on tenant relationships and other issues. Larger firms and seasoned managers have harnessed these efficiencies and been more successful in meeting expectations and challenges in our current economy.

Building service contractors are now able to provide services, such as (1) green building certifications and marketing support of certifications for use in tenant releases and logo use; (2) certified water damage restoration and mold remediation; (3) certified stone restoration; (3) certified air duct cleaning; (4) parking garage cleaning and pressure washing; (5) general contracting activities including demolition and build-outs; (6) independent quality inspection programs; and (7) managed recycling services and tenant support. Today, all of these services are being delivered with electronic communication and marketing appeal.

Green services have been a particular area of growth as an increasing number of tenants are choosing facilities that offer eco-friendly services. Green cleaning services improve indoor air quality, decrease waste and can actually decrease costs. Green certifications such as the CIMS-GB certification are important, due to an increased amount of “greenwashing,” which is where “green” marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that a company’s policies or products are environmentally friendly without any supporting documentation.

The ISSA (International Cleaning Industry Association) designed the CIMS-GB certification to meet all applicable criteria for the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED program, which requires supporting documentation. The CIMS-GB certification ensures that the cleaning services being provided meet or exceed all applicable LEED standards. Documented programs such as this establish credibility and will tip the balance in favor of your property when it comes to closing new deals this year.

Building service contractors need to be proactive, add value and enhance management operations. Taking advantage of these relationships is an easy way for property management to reduce headaches, improve relationships with current tenants and also draw new customers.


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