Your COVID-19 Questions: Let RWK take care of it!

Each day we are confronted with new COVID-19 information. We see reports of products claiming to kill the virus for 90 days, we hear of new symptoms, new closings, new openings. How can we make sense of all of this information? What is the best way to keep our employees safe and healthy as they return to work?

Let RWK Services take care of it! Our proactive cleaning plans include detailed nightly disinfection of both hard and soft surfaces in conjunction with high touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, countertops, and desks. We customize our disinfection services to suit your unique needs, from entire facilities to tenant spaces. 

Our technicians follow CDC Guidelines using EPA registered disinfectants effective against COVID-19. We follow CDC Guidelines specifically designed for the disinfection of Office Spaces. We are a U.S. Green Building Council company and the products we use are environmentally preferred.

RWK Services also offers fogging services for ultimate disinfection. Our technicians use a fogger to mist disinfection to all surfaces evenly, covering all surfaces, crevices and hard to reach areas. 

RWK Services provides the COVID-19 disinfection services recommended by the CDC to ensure your tenants can safely and confidently return to work. Our customers have enhanced their levels of disinfection during this time and we have risen to the occasion, successfully disinfecting millions of square feet each day. 

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