Green Cleaning and Your Health

To RWK Services, green cleaning means providing ethical and ecological services without sacrificing quality. We use GreenSeal and EPA certified chemicals to clean your facilities. These gentle cleaning products are safer for our clients, employees and our environment. 

Green cleaning practices improve IAQ while reducing exposure to harmful agents. Exposure to toxic chemicals can cause significant health concerns whether the exposure is brief or prolonged. Short term exposure may result in eye, nose and throat irritation. Long term exposure may result in respiratory conditions, neurological damage and reproductive issues. Exposed individuals can experience headaches, allergic reactions, dizziness and have difficulty concentrating on their work.

Harmful cleaning chemicals have significant costs when it comes to employees. A 2015 Harvard study on  “The Impact of Green Buildings on Cognitive Function” found that indoor environments have a profound impact on the decision-making performance of workers. Harsh cleaning chemicals can aggravate allergies and other chronic respiratory ailments, resulting in employee absenteeism and diminished productivity. 

Healthy indoor environments have never been a bigger concern than they are today. The good news is there are steps we can take to positively impact tenant health. We utilize green products, procedures and equipment to improve air quality. We can regularly maintain flooring utilizing methods that reduce dust and harmful chemical exposures. Our green cleaning practices are a win for our clients, employees and the environment. Call us today to learn how you can improve tenant health through green cleaning.
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